Blog purpose

The Film Production blogs are all important in the Film Production course because they are like diaries. With diaries, you do not need them, but many people choose to use them. With the blog, we can post on anything about film and talk about it, throughout the year as this is is evidence of our progress throughout the year. If someone asks you a question, may be give a truthful answer but without evidence, to the other person, it may be a lie. With a film blog, you can retrieve your evidence and prove that you know how to… The blog is a way of bringing out the writer/director/etc side of you that you may not have previously seen. This is because you can talk about shots which you may have liked to photograph or a film which you think was successful or unsuccessful and you can explain why, because with something like that, there is no right answer and everything is purely opinion, but it get’s us thinking like professionals in the Film industry. These blogs are essential to our progress throughout the year as they prove that we are thinking like Film professionals and you can see how we have changed in terms of a Filmmaker spanning from the beginning of the year, right to the end of it.  The blog allows you to show what you are doing outside of school that contributes even in the most minimalist ways, as everything counts and everything is important.


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