Camera shots/angles

Camera shots/angles

Archie Bean

Today we looked at, discussed and used different types of shots. We started off the day by watching the finale of ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’` a film directed by Sergio Leone made in 1966 featuring Clint Eastwood and a number of people from different countries working on the film which demonstrates the use of many different shots in one location. The extra wide shot showing the setting/scenery and its inhabitants. The wide shot showing several people in nearby surroundings. The Medium shot showing someone from waist upwards. The close shot showing someone from the shoulders to just above their head. And the extra close shot showing someone’s eyes or whatever is wanted to be put in shot. We discussed how the viewer knows just as much as the character in the shot based on what shot is being used. A common shot used in horror movies is of the actor/actresses head. This is because the character cannot see many things and this also means that the viewers cannot see many things either and so it sets the mood for the film. We were then told to film a video using the Ipads to try and use multiple camera angles. We made a video of someone suffering from memory loss waking up in a field in the middle of nowhere, shortly before making his way over to a public area. Because of this we used camera angles to demonstrate what the character could see. We used a camera angle of the sky to start off with because the character could only see what was above him and did not know where he was and so using the sky meant that the viewer knows that the film could have been anywhere and did not know where he was. The next shot slowly worked up from the feet lying down on the ground up to his head. Then the following shot was of the character’s head from behind showing what he is starting to see as we, the viewers are becoming aware of where we are. Camera shots can be used to portray people in certain ways. For example, if a shot was of just someone’s eyes in a dark alleyway, then it would portray them as suspicious and strange.

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