‘Elysium’ review (spoiler free)

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Archie Bean

Brief outline – Elysium is a movie about a futuristic earth in 2154 and its many problems. ‘Elysium’ is the name of a huge space centre built in space, no far from the earth.  Only those rich enough can afford to live on Elysium. On Elysium you can find future technologic medical bays, which can cure the most deadliest of diseases, as well as this you can also find robots available as servants for each citizen of Elysium. While everything on Elysium sounds great, Earth’s population are struggling to sustain a liveable life, with many unemployed, starving, and if working, getting paid allot less than the current days minimum wage. Earth is in pieces, with its environment almost destroyed and robots taking on jobs of humans, notably police. Elysium follows the story of Max Da Costa, a citizen of earth who like everyone else is struggling with their way of life. Elysium is directed by Neill Blomkamp and stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley.

Review – It is fair to say that many people who went to watch or want to watch Elysium will or have seen it because it is directed by Neill Blomkamp, who of course directed the critically acclaimed District 9, also featuring Sharlto Copley (onto him later on) but get District 9 out of your systems for Elysium because it is a very different movie. Elysium is set in 2154 whereas District 9 is set in 2010 and although Elysium is not as thrilling or memorable as District 9 it is a very good sci-fi movie, and with sci-fi movie’s usually come action which was another reason why other’s went to watch or want to watch Elysium with its futuristic setting supplying really cool guns, spacecraft’s, and robot’s. But do not worry, it is not over done with action. The storyline is relatively straightforward and not hard to follow. The story isn’t a special one but at the same time isn’t a boring one but it takes a while to kick off as most viewers want to see a suited man trying to get up to Elysium to save his own life, but it takes a fair amount of time before he suits up into the exo-skeleton suit. Because of this it allows you to understand Max’s (Matt Damon) character better in an attempt to connect you (the viewers) with him which it doesn’t really succeed in. With the film following more of a ‘This is the main character so let’s watch him’ thing.  The film does feature a slight backstory to Max with his childhood, but you still feel that you want to know more about him. The social problems of the world are there to be seen but it would have been nicer to look at other people’s struggle with life as well as Max’s as his struggle is similar and different to others at the same time. Max needs to get up to Elysium because he is told by a robot ‘in five days’ time you will die’ as seen in the trailer. Whereas other people need to get up to Elysium because of starvation, diseases and other things as we see citizens trying to go to Elysium whether stuck on earth trying to get money for a ticket there or trying to hitch a ride up. Max has a job in Elysium and he just about has a sustainable life, which most others do not. The end of the film does feature vast amounts of action but has a big finish to it, which is an ending where some viewers will like and others dislike.  In the acting department, there isn’t anything to have a grudge against. Matt Damon performs well as Max and Jodie Foster puts on a posh accent to deliver as her character secretary Delacourt. But the most notable performance is from Sharlto Copley who plays Kruger, an agent working down on earth for a company of Elysium. He again like District 9, put’s on a South African accent but this time combines it with his crazy character (and a lot of swearing). He is a character who you cannot really understand (in a good way) because he is psychotic and we do not know his own backstory.

Verdict – 7.4/10. Elysium as a whole, is a good movie which is special in the sense that we have not seen many movies similar to this before. It is enjoyable as more of popcorn movie to watch with other people but in no way, is it a disappointing Hollywood movie because this is another low(ish) budget movie and is a good movie that has overall received fairly good reviews. But Elysium could have had a better story for Max, notably a longer backstory. It could also have shown the struggle of Earth’s citizens better.

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