Photograph chance

Camera shot

I was walking over to a friend’s on Saturday and I saw something that I thought would have been nice to take a picture of. Basically, the sky was an orange type colour as it was the evening about 5.45.I was standing on the pavement of a busy road with many cars passing by. Above the road was a bridge, which by chance had a train passing by at the time. The road had a slight curve as it went straightforward followed by a slight right turn. The road had many lights. The combination of road and lights as well as the passing cars would have made a good leading line. With the right shutter speed, the train would have been in full focus as that was in the front/middle of my eye sight in terms of distance. The cars at the far end of my eyes would have been put out of focus with the camera. All of which I have just described apart from the sky was on the middle/right of the image. On the left of the image was a big gap between the underside of the bridge and the river. This works well in terms of the rule of thirds because there isn’t anything in the direct centre of the shot and there was a big gap on the left meaning your eye gets drawn to the right, working with the leading lines.

This is where I was


This is the tone of orange that the sky wasImage

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