Batman vs Superman opening story


(Their is about 3-5 months between the original and the sequel) The very first shot is a shot from above of the buildings of Metropolis in the form of recovery, due to the mass destruction that Metropolis went through in Man of Steel. Several buildings are shown before moving on to a low ground shot of people (citizens) queuing up for the homeless centre, again due to the mass destruction in Man of Steel. These first several shots feature a grey, cloudy, cold whether setting to bring the mood of the scene into play. Then the camera zooms in on a graveyard starting from above but not directly above, before moving down to show individual graves that all say (name of person) (date of birth) – ( a certain date) 2013. This date matches all of the graves around it, indicating that all of these people died on the same day. During these shots, the rain starts to pour in on the graveyard to fully set the mood. Then the camera zooms in on a puddle of water at a medium pace. When it zooms out, it shows an almost symmetrical puddle, but It’s surroundings are not the same. The camera keeps zooming out at a medium pace (the same as it zoomed in) only to find that it is a different puddle because it is on a street. Unclear noise starts to kick in. The noise starts to get louder and and clearer. The camera moves slowly left as the noise becomes louder and clearer. The noise is now clear and is the noise of people chanting phrases. This is followed by a shot of about 35 civilians protesting with signs and chants in a city street. The protestors are of all ages apart from those under 16 or over 60. The protestors are right behind a female news reporter who is in the middle of the shot, looking at her chest upwards (medium shot). The sign’s behind her read ‘Human being is the only being’ as well as others saying ‘We want justice’ and a number of other signs saying various things along the same lines. The reporter is in her mid 30’s. She gazes at the camera , speeking loud and clear into the microphone (which cannot be seen), finishing off her sentence…’But this is a very different Metropolis over the past few months’. The clear picture suddenly pans backwards and borders start to appear around the picture. Things start to appear around the border. The picture soon becomes a TV box, displaying the news from ‘Metropolis today’ (my name for the Metropolis news channel). But as this is happening, the camera pans slowly backwards and the feet of a chair come into the picture, gradually revealing the tall dark figure of perry white, the head of the Daily Planet. He takes a long sigh before turning round to the shock of someone knocking at the door. The camera stays at the same height as he replies to the knock ‘come in’. The door opens and Lois Lane comes through with a slightly frustrated and confused face.  The camera shows all of Lois’ body ‘did you see the news?, her eyebrows raise upwards suddenly ‘more protests, they won’t stop’ with her wide eyes focused straight on Perry. She takes a pause before raising her voice ‘They hate him’. Perry jumps in suddenly ‘is their a reason you came to tell me this for the 10,000th time?’. Lois takes a second to look at Perry with shock as if he is one of the protestors. The camera shows the face of Lois who answers confidently after two seconds. ‘I want to do a report!’

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