Peaky Blinders


I was watching Peaky Blinders, a BBC program about an English gang from Birmingham in 1919 called the Peaky Blinders yesterday and while doing so I took notice of certain colours and camera shots. Here are some examples of shots I saw –  Image

In this scene, the man in the shot named Thomas (Cillian Murphy) is sitting/lying on a bed and he is smoking. The thing that interested me about this scene was the colour tone. Red was being cast all over the room and on Thomas in this scene. The red brings up certain feelings for the viewers because it brings perhaps a sense of negativity. It makes you feel that Thomas is a bad person or that he is in a negative state of mind. It also gives you the feeling that he is feeling doubt or confusion.

I also really liked the use of slow-motion in a fight scene and how it used certain camera heights (medium, close, wide). The audio worked really well with the slow-motion becuase the audio sounded like it was playing backwards (it may have been) and this was for both the music and the dialog. The scene featured mostly close ups, but it also used medium shots as well as wide shots. The close shots were used because it showed the movement and emotions of the face during the fight and due to the positioning of the camera, the hand wasn’t very far away from the face before coming to contact with the face.

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