1960’s America ‘through the minds of the many’

‘Through the minds of the many’

10/10/13 – Post 1

Recently, while on the bus, a thought occurred to me, that I should come up with a story of my own but unlike my previous Batman vs Superman (initial) short story, I would write a new story, not just of much longer length, but based on or inspired by true events and people. I needed to choose and setting and date and seeing as I love History, I chose 1960’s America given that it has such an interesting History and that I had also studied the cold war and the civil rights (and also given the fact that I had been reading a book about the Kennedy brothers), so in terms of History and knowledge it is something that I am well versed in. So later on during the day I decided to come up with a few ideas about what I could specifically write about the topic, so I started a mind map and brainstormed any ideas that came to mind.

.Civil Rights



.Presidential election

.Anti-communism (McCarthyism)

.Cuban Missile Crisis

and a few others ideas, but the idea that I likened the most was an idea that the story would take a look at America as a whole from many different people’s perspectives, hence ‘through the minds of the many’ so it is many different people’s opinions on American society. I came up with a few idea’s about who the people talking could be




.The mob

.’The People’




.Black members of society


I also thought that I could write about famous people such as the Kennedy family, Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, J. Edgar Hoover, Fidel Castro (the famous people do not necessarily have to have been American, as long as they had an effect on America), Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, The Rolling Stones, etc. And with some of these famous people I could supply an insight (lesser known information) about them.

And that I could also write about famous events such as the assassination’s of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X, the Berlin wall, the Vietnam war, the Moon landing, The Cuban missile crisis, The presidential elections, 1968 Olympics black salute (the events do not necessarily have to have to taken place in America, as long as it had an effect on America)

I will be doing lots of research to find out about true facts and events that I can use in my story.

The problem I am stuck with at the moment is how I would be getting the opinions out of all of these people and how I would pan from the early 1960’s to the late 1960’s. A possibility I have at the moment is that I could follow the life of an interviewer in the 60’s, weather it could be a real interviewer (based on true events) or a fictional interviewer (inspired by true events)

I will keep posting about ‘through the minds of the many’ on the blog as I progress with the story.

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