1960’s America ‘Through the minds of the many’ 2

15/10/13 – Post 2

I currently have ten different perspectives as to which America’s society can be explained through, I may think of more perspectives. But I was thinking that I could have the people talking through the decade of the 60’s (1960-1969) and I was originally thinking that I could have one of those people per year, but I think that it wouldn’t be that good because their may be several things that happened in the same year that need talking about and I would have to pick just one perspective to do so. So for one year, I will use many short conversations from each person, this also gives you a better insight into each person, because they can tell you about ten years of their life. I also think that I will compile a list of websites that I used during the research. I will probably work through the years chronologically. But I think that I need to research in depth the events that I have chosen and I need to research people more in depth, for example, the policy of John F Kennedy. I am absolutely sure that I will not have other countries talking about their views on America, unless involved, for example, Cuba and the Cuban missile crisis.

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