10 – The caving trip

On Thursday, while the majority of the group went down caving, I stayed up with 2 others and Ben (Thursday teacher). Once we arrived at the caving site, we had about 5 hours before we would need to leave. Firstly we needed to change into two warm bodysuits, for going down, but for our group mainly to keep warm as it was fairly windy as we were quite high up the countryside. mountains. The topside group used the slightly broken Sony V1-RE camera to save the other groups the trouble because they would be using the water protection coats on their camera’s. The first shot we took, was of the activity group walking up the hill towards us. This was a successful shot. I don’t believe that it was a panning shot. Our next shot was not so successful, it was also a more important shot. We wanted to get a shot of the activity group going down into the cave, but we decided to use the water protection coat on the camera, so when the cavers started going down, I struggled to press the record button in time, but non the less, I managed to press it. But because of the coat, I could not see anything though the scope of the camera. So although we have footage of them going down, we don’t know what it will be like. So we decided not to use the water protection coat after that. But that was not the only time the activity group went down into the cave as there were several areas which they could go down. After this, I believe we got too shots of them coming out of the cave, the first of which was dry, for our sakes as we had set up just above the rocky hole that they would come out of and if I remember correctly, it was not a panning shot. The caver’s would walk through the shot one by one.This was near a large stream of water, so we had the boomstick recording the water as oppose to the wind. The second shot of the cavers coming out of the cave was near the end of the trip. It was a tricky shot, two of our group went down into a little area of just rocks and water, there was no head room so we had to kneel and our legs would feel really stiff while doing so. I was filming as three caver’s came out of the little area, first one, then two together. I shot them coming out at waist to chest upwards coming out of the area and then their heads would come into shot, the more they walked. It was dark so, we needed to change the settings of the camera for this particular shot, because they majority of our shots had been light all day. After the first film of the cavers going down, we took some shots of the landscape, by chance there was a rainbow present at the time. But one thing we really liked was that the clouds would not cover parts of the land so there were specks of light that would be moving along the mountain. We got some film of the mountains with no foreground because the ground would not be in the shot until it was a fair distance away and it was part of the background. Part way through the day, some of the activity group came out and asked if we wanted any more shots of them going down. Again this was near a small stream, so water was heavily involved in the audio, but you could hear the cavers as they went down, into a small hole, one by one. We asked them if they wanted to take the small portable camera down with them and they accepted. We told them that they could just film whatever was possible, so a first person view of the caves. Then the cavers came back out and we got another shot of them going down but at a different location. We also got a shot of the of the landscape with a large scale of rocks in shot again similar to the mountainous shot that I had just described but this time with the foreground in focus. The foreground was a wide scale of rocks tall rocks that were not touching each other, almost as if there was a solid rocky ground that had seen parts of it fallen down. This was as the activity group was walking up the mountain, so we deliberately got them in shot. The wind was the only thing that was heard so I positioned the boomstick so that you would hear as little wind as possible or light wind as oppose to heavy. One thing that stuck out to me was that the time flew by because there were multiple shots that we wanted to capture but did not have time to do so. We also wanted to use the crane but again we did not have time to do so. But just before we had to walk back down, we asked the second bunch of cavers who we filmed coming out of the cave if we could ask them some questions. We had not planned any questions for the interview so we had to ask the best question that came to our heads. I think that we asked decent questions, but the responses were not great, so I also wish that we had time to interview other people. On the whole, I think it was a successful day, but perhaps some of the footage that we will have collected may be different to how we think that they will be.

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