The early History of the Camera

I believe that my Prezi went well. In terms of talking in the context of a presentation etc, I am not shy at all, this definitely helped because it felt more like and interview to me that way because although the two viewers did not ask any questions, they want to know what I know and it is up to me to present it in a way that makes me look like I am enjoying the current situation rather than being nervous or shy, and that it is a historical topic that I enjoy learning about. If I found something interesting, when researching then I may as well make it interesting for the viewers. I certainly do not feel like I rushed through it because from the sound of things (other class members telling me that I was long, and being told by the viewers that I had no time to deliver the last slide) I took my time, because I need to speak at the right pace, so that the viewers can hear me properly and feel as if they are in a comfortable situation. The viewers need to feel like they are nice people, rather than as if they are intimidating. I made the Prezi like a cue card as I only had about 6 slides, when to my knowledge others had perhaps at least 20. Because simple words have an ability to trigger something in your mind because if you enjoyed researching the topic and you read over the information several times, then you are able to latch onto the word and express what that word means to you. I believe that I was addressing the viewers during the Prezi and not the board, the floor or the wall. I made the prezi user friendly because if the viewers had listened to me telling them how Daguerreotype’s work, they may not be able to respond, but I made Scientific/Photographic equations that I used in my Prezi. I believe that there was only one or two moments that I may have stuttered but I believe on the whole, it went very well.

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