Boardwalk Empire Introduction video


I love this short video

This short video is the introduction to every episode of Boardwalk Empire; featuring Steve Buscemi and Michael Shannon as well as being Executively Produced by Martin Scorsese. The music in this video is an extract from a song called ‘Straight up and down’ by ‘The Brian Jonestown Massacre’. I love all the different elements of the video, the timelapse, the change between standard and slow-motion, how the water reveals the names, the lighting, the glass bottles, the different camera shots (Extreme close up, etc). The rule of thirds is not present at all times in this video because at several different points ‘Nucky’ (Steve Buscemi’s character) is in the centre of the screen. The final sequence is fantastic, as the glass bottles start running through and the skyline changes; lots of lightning, the colour of the sky changes and the ever so small timelapse behind Nucky. And the final shot is brilliant, Nucky is walking towards the City and the title appears above his head before the camera pans up to the sky.

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