Interesting shots in ‘Gangster Squad’


I recently watched ‘Gangster Squad’ featuring Josh Brolin and Sean Penn, and I noticed some particular shots that stood out to me. In the car chase scene between 1:26 and 1:34, a singular shot changes from an extra wide shot from above featuring 4 cars, before the camera turns and goes down to follow two cars before easing off to feature the back car in focus and the front car out of focus (Shallow depth of Field), then the camera zooms forward to the front of the car but tilts itself to reveal Jerry’s (Ryan Goslings’) arm holding out and firing a gun using a medium close up. The Shootout clip features slow-motion which starts when Mickey (Sean Penn) walks out into the room firing as normal before the gun shots brake into slow-motion meaning the sound also changes. The sound becomes really deep. Then it shows John (Josh Brolin) firing at Mickey. The slow-motion is used mostly to show the destruction of the tree in the centre of the room. The parts in that scene which are most noticeable for me are between 0:43 and 0:51 because it uses extra slow-motion on Four things; A bauble flying in the air, a bauble being shot in the air (both with wide shots of the baubles because they are small), a gun being fired with a wide shot of the gun from above (but medium shot of Mickey as his head is not in view, but his arms and the peaks of his legs are in shot), and bullets dropping to the ground, looking at them straight on from the front.

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