Short movie idea/possibility


Forgive the foreign language, this was the only one I could find.

Recently, I was listening to the main 28 days later theme, and I slowly without realizing for a minute or so, was picturing how I would film the ‘London deserted scene’ and I then thought to myself, ‘Why not make my own version and take inspiration from the classic scene from Danny Boyles movie?’

So I decided within a short time that I would try and make my own version, but this time being ‘Lancaster deserted’. So I started looking at things from town to give me ideas of what I could film and how I could film it and I came up with several starting point ideas.

.Traffic Lights and Road Crossings



The setting of the film would be rainy. This is for several reasons, one of which is to set the mood for the film and the other being that I could combine the rain water with slow-motion as well as using slow-motion without the water as well. And again to take inspiration from ’28 Days Later’, I would be wearing a dressing gown as in the London deserted scene, Jim is wearing a hospital robe and I would want to follow a similar theme and wear something out of the ordinary.

So the scene that we would be filming would be under a spooky, horror type genre because in my plans, the character would be going past all of these places and would be passing things but they would not see any one/thing else in the scene. Near the end of the scene, the tempo would speed up as the character would start seeing things or imagining things but would not see any other person.

I would have to use a copyright free song, but it is more likely that I would be using a custom soundtrack on top of the video, because for me, the soundtrack is as important as anything else in the movie.

I think that I will only need two people (including myself) in order to make this short video because I would be Directing and talking about the shots that I want, and acting, or I would be filming the shots that I want while someone else acts.

Then I would edit the footage in college during free sessions.

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One Response to Short movie idea/possibility

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is an idea but not yet a story, Archie! Where is the character going? What will they do when they get there? At the moment you’re describing a vivid journey, but without a destination.

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