Human Planet – Auk’s

Today (23/10/13) we watched another episode of Human Planet’ and this episode was exploring life in Antarctica. There was one scene which was showing a man from Greenland catching ‘Auk’s’ which are small birds. And I thought that perhaps the scene wasn’t put together as well as it could have been. The narrator John Hurt was saying that the man could ‘catch up to 500 Auk’s on a good day’, and we know from this that he spends hours on end catching Auk’s. The clip used an upbeat, joyful type song. But is it necessary to use music at all, neither serious or joyful. The clip could have taken out the music and use just the noise of the Auk’s and the narration. This makes you feel the fact that it is a long day’s work and perhaps music can be used at the end of the video, to show that he is pleased with his day’s worth of catching Auk’s. The use of no music puts you the viewer in this particular person’s situation better than with music.

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