‘Vanish’ (update on ‘Short movie idea/possibility’)

Thursday 24/10/13

I read and took on board the comments I received on my short film plan and during the last two days, I have given the film allot of thinking and planning. So firstly, I needed to introduce ‘my story’ by introducing the character. Without putting any story into it, it would just be copying the London Bride Scene, so the video would not originate from me because it would pretty much just be making my own version of it, (like a cover song almost) meaning that none of the story would come from me. So I started thinking about a story for it and as I thought more about it, it seemed like it had it’s own story, and not a borrowed one, only similar to the ‘London Bridge Scene’. So I started by giving my character a name and background. My character is called ‘Anton’. The first problem I encountered with coming up with a story for it and him was was the fact that he was able to leave his house without knowing what had happened, and find himself alone (?).  So I needed to give my character a reason why he would not have come into contact with anyone for a certain amount of time. So I decided that he is a writer. By doing this, it gives him a reason for why he is untouched. He  doesn’t want anything to distract him, so he decides to stay in the house all week and avoid all media (TV, Radio, Social Media, Phone, etc) on order to write his book.  I plan to show this by filming him before the ‘outbreak’, and show him walking down to a busy Post Office. And then I plan to reshoot it, with no-one else in the shot (and perhaps grey moody weather). The sound quality of my camera (Finepix S7000) isn’t the best, but that isn’t a problem for me because I intend to cut out the audio, like I am doing with the caving footage. And then I will just add sound effects over it (cars, talking, kids laughter, etc) and other scenes. The story is still in development but I decided that I would collect some footage as a starting point (and this helped massively because it opened up all of these ideas and questions to me), and I spent several hours doing this. Me and one friend of mine did everything (like I suspected, just two people); I was doing the acting and he was doing the filming, but most of the filmwork was my own (not to sound arrogant, and disgaurd his work, and he also gave me suggestions on the filming as a viewer and how he he thought it could be filmed) because besides from the acting, I chose where we would film, what shot sizes we would be using, weather it was static, panning, etc (shot type),how I wanted it to look, etc. We used a small tripod. It does not stretch out as long as a regular tripod and it only has one leg, so you have to hold it, but the leg keeps it steady. It slowly became dark as we were filming. We finished before it was winter evening dark, so I may need to change the colours round more than usual. One thing that my friend asked me was ‘Is there a story after the Lancaster deserted story?’ and I was thinking that (although it is a definite yes in the sense that I would need to conclude my characters story) I may actually get a fair amount of people involved in the acting and that it could be allot longer than I initially thought. Because my initial thought was that it would be about 5 minutes tops (which in itself is a long amount of filming) but I could extend it and bring in other people into it and make it allot longer, meaning that I would need to spend along time working on the story. I decided to call the film ‘Vanish’ because Anton had vanished from society by writing his book, and society had vanished while he was writing it.

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