Premiere Pro

Sorting through the clips is easy, but time consuming. I sorted out the footage into colour codes. But I also had to rename the footage and log them. I had to give them a name. So that when I come to editing the footage, I can find clips, more easily.  Although you can put a clip in a little folder at the bottom of the screen for it to appear on the timeline, you can just drag the clip onto the timeline, which is nice and easy. You are able to zoom in and out of the timeline, in order to finely tune your videos the way you want them and make them precise. Premiere Pro also allows you to detach the clips with the audio, for when you want to have just the video. If the quality of the video’s colour isn’t great, then you can alter it, like as if you were editing Photographs on Photoshop, however the more you change them, the more the quality of the original video is decreased. Another useful thing about Premiere Pro is that you can decrease the size of the original clip, then once you have done this, you can then expand it to its origibal size if you want to. You can also change the speed of the clips and if you want them to be played backwards. You can choose how zoomed in you want to be on the picture, but you cannot cut parts of the screen off. You can also use pictures as well as video clips. The timeline tells you how long your video is.

It is important to log because it makes putting the video together allot easier. if you give the videos a name then you can find them when putting videos onto the timeline. Also additional important is needed because you can note down important things such as the shot size, the brightness, who is in the shot, etc. Also you can change the colour of the videos, so you can categorize them. This means that if you want to find a certain type of video, then you can jump straight to it.

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