The use of Steadicam

Steadicam is useful in many ways. Simplistically it is useful for gaining shots that would have been extremely difficult to get, it is easier to keep steady, and it is easier to follow someone. But it’s main use to me, is to connect the film and character with the audience. The Steadicam is able to rotate while staying steady and this is great for getting inside a character’s head. If the camera is steady, then the viewer watches the film on a more relaxed scale with little anticipation of a sudden change in tempo. However if the camera is rotating and moving around constantly, then you get the feeling as a viewer that perhaps something is out of place. Or that you can get an insight into the character’s head because people say ‘my head is spinning’ if they are dizzy or not feeling too well, and so if the camera is following someone while rotating around then you get the impression that the character is feeling the same. As well as getting an insight into the character’s head, the Steadicam is also great for styling shots. The Steadicam can make it easier to apply you style to a film because you can get all types of shots.  The Steadicam is also good for revealing people, who you do not know are there. One important use of the Steadicam is that you can display a character’s emotions really well. If you can do this, then the viewers will feel more connected with the film.

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