‘Gravity’ review (spoiler free)


Brief Outline – Gravity is a movie about a set of astronauts who find themselves in the worst situation possible. Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock – Speed, Crash) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney – Good Night and Good Luck, Burn After Reading) are on a spacewalk shortly before their shuttle gets hit by a load of space debris, leaving Stone and Kowalski adrift in space. With their oxygen levels decreasing, it is a race against time if they wish to return to Earth. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter 3, Children Of Men).

Review – I may as well jump to the cut. Absolutely Superb (and in almost every way). Space movies do not come round often, but with them requires a touch of delicacy. If you go to watch a space movie involving an accident, then you expect a pulsating, suspenseful ride involving character(s) that you can emotionally attach to, leaving you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of the film. With Gravity you get all that and more. The movie starts off in space, so there isn’t a back story for the past (at least not one that is seen but instead told) so you follow the characters in their current situation, making you feel all kinds of emotions throughout the film because it is a film where you are frequently worrying for the characters and being glad that you are not in the same situation. The emotional entanglement between the viewers and the characters is strong due to the performances of George Clooney and especially Sandra Bullock. She plays a medical doctor on her first mission in space, so she is relate-able to the audience as being an average person, maybe not average seeing as she is a Doctor but, average in the sense that she has not gone into space before and that she is not someone who has been doing space missions for years like Kuwalski, George Clooney’s character. Gravity features allot of action, but in no way is there too much action, because that is what the film is about and without the amount of action, the film would not have been as successful as it has been. The constant action makes the film as suspenseful and Heart Stopping as it is. The action also attaches you more to the character’s because you feel for them. The film is approximately 90 minutes long but you do not feel that it is too short, because often with very succussful movies they are at least 120 minutes. Gravity is most definitely an action sci-fi, but you feel very emotional when you watch it, more than you imagine you would. With Gravity, there is not a single department of work who goes without rightful mention and one of the standout workers on the film is Steven Price the soundtrack composer (music editor on Lord Of The Rings 3 and Batman Begins). Another major success about Gravity is it’s filming of scenes. Most of the scenes were filmed one shot and would span a few minutes. Being a movie about a space catastrophe, you would expect for it to be in 3D because of everything flying around or hurtling towards you and that is what Director Alfonso Cuaron has done. I am not a massive fan of 3D in movies but I think that it has worked successfully on Gravity, with nothing smashing into the screen every 5 minutes, or anything that will make you jump, or try to catch something. It works well with the setting of space. It puts you more in the feet of the astronauts and makes the scale of everything seem massive.

Verdict – 9.8/10. I do not believe in the term ‘The Perfect Movie’ but this is one of those movies that draws near. It is a remarkable movie that gives you a heart stopping, pulsating, emotional ride that will live long in Film History. Critics have been calling this a masterpiece and I totally agree. Many have said that it is one of the best movies to come out of Hollywood in a long time. It is a landmark in terms of how it was filmed. Viewers of the movie will fully back ‘Gravity’ at the Academy Awards as it would be almost impossible for it not to be nominated in several different categories. This movie has to be seen to be believed and there should be no second thoughts on weather to watch it at the cinema or wait for the DVD release. Watching it at the cinema is one hell of a ride. With some movies people will say ‘go and watch it and you will know what I mean’ and after watching it you will understand why it has been given such huge praise.

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