Vanish – (new title) short movie

I have decided (likely) not to continue with ‘vanish’ but instead make another film. A few ideas came to me the other day about my film and I decided that I would change it allot. The story now has little connection to Vanish. I though that I would change many things about the video and one of them was the role of the main character. The main character will have a different name (undecided) and different job (undecided) but importantly, what I do know about the new lead character will be that he/she will be a sporty person and will be training for an upcoming marathon. So he/she will be taking regular runs around Lancaster. As a way of connecting the character to the audience, I will have the character make a video diary. He/she will be regularly talking to the camera about there training/life/etc. But the way the story will develop is that he/she will start seeing a dead friend(s) The viewer will know that the friend is dead. The main character will then regularly visit a doctor to receive help. This is another way of connecting the main character to the audience. I am trying to make the viewer unaware of the truth about the lead character and his friend(s) death. One possibility is that I will start off the film with the death of the main character’s friend. Another possibility is that I will not start the film off like that but instead I will get the main character to speak to his/her video diary about his/her friend’s death. I also plan to make the film secretive by making the character wake up at the end into another dream (an inception type idea) and the viewer will believe that the main character has woken from their dream/unconsciousness into the real world. Then they will wake up from whatever has happened to him/her and he/she will become psychotic. Once they wake up, the main character will think that they are in the wrong world and they are in a dream and so they will start attacking their friend(s). I would like to film the fight scene in slow-mo, so it is easier and then I will speed it up on Premiere Pro. Also I will shoot each fight move from a different angle. He/She will become someone else (personality) entirely to the person in the dream state. I plan to use a time lapse on the opening shot that introduces the runner and where he/she will be running. One idea is that I will start the film and end it with the same lines of dialog. One exciting sequence in terms of camera work will be the main character running around Lancaster as I can film it from many multiple angles including first person.I plan to make the film quiet long. At least 15 minutes but hopefully more. I will compose my own soundtrack for the film using something like Garage band or Studio One.

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