1 – Generating stories from locations

When making films, a major priority is the locations that are being used. But sometimes, you may decide to visit a location and then base ideas around it. By doing this, your ideas are very specific and are realistic in terms of what you can and cannot film. Also, by doing this, you can get an idea of the types of shots that you want to film. By looking around the chosen location, you can get an idea of brightness/darkness of the shots, the height of the shots, time of day, the feeling of the film, what kind of characters you want to use, all the different sequences that you can use. As well as this, you can get an idea of the type of music that you want to use in the film (if any) because you have a feeling of what emotions you want to give off, so you can match that with the music. But the first things that would come to your head would be what feelings you get and possible sequences.

For example, I typed in small locations and one of the first images that came up was this

From this image, I can have several ideas already.

Can’t film: Indoors, High buildings nearby.

Types of shots: With this location, I would use plenty of wide shots, to show that the public would be in danger.

Brightness/darkness: dark with lots of nearby lights on.

The height of the shots: High up in order to display lots of people, head height for close ups.

Time of day: Night.

The feeling of the film: Climatic, risk, danger, high tempo.

Characters: Special cop, criminal, security, public.

Sequences:Chase sequence between cop and criminal, fight sequence between criminal and security guard(s).

Music: Fast, low, pulsating.

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