Interview examples

Football Focus –
In this Interview the only change in shot is that the camera zooms in and out occasionally. The room is dark and nothing is seen behind the shot. The interviewee is looking straight forward at the interviewer. But the camera is positioned to the side of him, so he is looking away from the camera as he answers the questions. The answering of the questions is cut away with the various clips. The camera changes from a close up to a medium close up.

The Hobbit – In these interviews, the shot is not changed and the camera does not zoom in and out. Each shot is a medium close up. Each interviewee is in front of a backdrop. They are positioned to one of the sides so you can see the back drop, but also so they are not straight in the middle. There is also a duo of interviewees. They are both positioned to the left of the screen. The duo uses a medium shot as oppose to a medium close up. In all the shots, the shoulders and hair is lit up.

The Dark Knight Rises – In this interview the camera pans from left to right as there are two interviewees. So the backdrop is in the middle of the two interviewees. The shoulders have been lightened up, as well as the hair. The camera uses a medium shot. Behind them, it is just a black void.

Thor The Dark World – In this interview, the interviewee and the interviewer are in the same shot, but the camera does change between them using close ups. The camera uses a wide shot displaying all of there body. The room they are in is a simple white room, with no backdrop. The wall behind them is not a flat wall as the wall stops in the middle and goes the other way. There are no lights behind them. Their is some purple lighting coming from the chair and that reflects onto the wall. Some of the equipment is in the front of the shot. When the camera uses a close up, it uses a shallow depth of field.

Directors Roundtable –

Saving Mr Banks –

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