Interesting shots in a scene from ‘The Departed’


I believe in this scene, the Steadicam is used. It adds a lot of variety to the scene and I like the result of it. The first shot starts of with Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin’s character’s  and zooms right from the front of the room to the back of the table, very quickly and smoothly. Then the shot changes to Matt Damon’s character before changing back to Wahlberg and Baldwin but this time the camera shot is at a medium shot. Then the shot changes back to Matt Damon and some photograph’s. Then when the shot returns to Wahlberg and Baldwin, it is a medium close up. The shot is then the same after changing back to more photographs. But then the angle changes to about another three different shots; the last of which is just Mark Wahlberg with a close up before it changes back to more photographs. The camera then changes back to Matt Damon, but zooms in on him quickly as he asks a question. The camera then goes back to Mark Wahlberg and back to someone else and it quickly pans back over to Wahlberg and Baldwin without cutting. It zooms over to them very quickly After this, it returns to fairly normal cutting showing Walhberg’s head with shallow depth of field and everything in front of him in deep depth of field. Before changing back to Wahlberg and Baldwin, before changing back to a close up of Matt Damon. It then changes back to Wahlberg and Baldwin at a medium close up and this is the most interesting shot. As Wahlberg speeks, the camera turns right and zooms in on Mark Wahlberg. It then does the same for Alec Baldwin, the other way round. Apart from one zoom in, the rest of the shots after this are standard shots.

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