Smart target

Smart target





Time based

1 – Write up part of my story with shot descriptions, bodily movements and expressed emotion. Write up dialog to go with it. This is because I have plenty written down for it and plenty of ideas coming to me whenever I think about the film. I would like to start it over the holiday after I have completed the essay about the music gig.

2 – Posting up more Film and TV reviews onto the blog. I regularly watch films, probably about 2/3 a week, even though they are home viewed films that may be a few years old. I have only posted 2 reviews onto the blog and these have been about films that I have viewed at the cinema.  I can also post a review about the first half of ‘The Walking Dead season 4’, as it is on its midseason break. As well as this, I am going to start watching ‘Breaking Bad’ whilst The Walking Dead is on its midseason break and once it is back on as there are several seasons and I would like to let it last rather than rush through it. Also I am hoping to receive season 3 of Boardwalk Empire for Christmas, which I can review also.

3 – Once I have finished an assignment, continue with it to try and improve the grade afterwards. Add more links and clips. Once I finish an assignment take a break obviously but later on come back to it and read it as if I was the one who was to be marking it and give myself areas to improve on.

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