My 10 best movies of 2013 that I saw

1 – Gravity (Sci-Fi)


2 – Lincoln (Historical Drama)


3 – Django Unchained (Historical Action Drama)


4 –  The Place Beyond the Pines (Drama)

The place

5 – The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug (Fantasy)


6 – Star Trek Into Darkness (Sci-Fi)

star trek

7 – Zero Dark Thirty (Historical Thriller)

zero dark thirty

8 – Wreck it Ralph (Animation Comedy)

wreck it ralph

9 – Les Miserables (Historical Musical Drama)

les miserables

10 – Elysium (Sci-Fi)


Yes their are many films which I have not seen this year that would surely have reshaped this list. But non-the less these are the films that I saw in 2013 which I deem to be within the top 10 films I have seen this year. I admit their was a lot of shuffling around and re thinking. I also wanted to add a variety of film types to the list. Although some of these movies were nominated for academy awards at the last Oscar’s, they were released in 2013 and others I have found that websites (Reliable ones like Total Film) have stated that some of these movies were actually 2013. Gravity was without a doubt, my number 1 movie of 2013.

Here’s to the other films in contention that narrowly missed out.

The Iceman (Historical Thriller)


Gangster Squad (Historical Action Drama)

gangster squad

World War Z (Action Horror)

world war z

This is the End (Comedy)

this is the end

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