23 – Film studies write-ups (Iconography of Music in A Fistful of Dollars)

A Fistful Of Dollars

The theme for A Fistful of Dollars is often used in scenes to represent something. Their are many types of audio in the theme such as whistling, trumpets, humming and gunshots. Whenever their is a shootout you often hear snippets of the theme, such as the whistling. Whenever you hear something like that, you know that it is signifying death or that it is standing for Clint Eastwood’s individual character. It defines him and his character’s personality. Clint Eastwood’s character is a very individual, unpredictable, uncertain character.  He is someone who comes and goes and does everything ‘because he wants to’. In the beginning of the theme for A Fistful of Dollars you can hear a horse riding. Which is the part that he signifies that he is someone who comes and goes. The middle of the theme features lots of gunshots, which signifies that he ‘gets on with his business’  This theme is a lighter theme. The music which features in the final scene in A Fistful of Dollars features trumpets the most. This is a darker theme. This music signifies danger. Whenever this music plays their is a shootout. In the last scene of A Fistful of Dollars the darker theme plays when Clint Eastwood walks out of the sandy fog. This signifies what is going to happen. But during the scene, their is no music for the most part.

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