Short stories

Instead of making a film after I have come up with an idea for something I am just going to scrap the idea of making a film completely and write something instead. The idea came after watching ‘Cloud Atlas’. I had read the book beforehand and thought that it would benefit me as a writer and storyteller. So I started coming up with ideas for the story and then after watching ‘Secret Window’ which I found out was based on a short story from Stephen King, I decided that I would write multiple short stories instead. This way I don’t have to put everything into one story. When it comes to the origin of the story and thinking about what I am going to write about. I will have plenty of ideas. I can then choose the best ones. So while writing some of these stories, their will be no thoughts towards filming as many of them would be ‘unfilmable’ anyway. However when I think about what the stories will be, I can relate the ideas to films and then possibly combine several ideas into one. For instance one of the short story ideas I came up with was about an African man who works with animals in the safari. And he becomes really close to one animal (similarly to ‘Life of Pi’) but has to defend it from poachers and other circumstances. This is very much a love story.

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