‘All Is Lost’ review (spoiler free)

All I Lost

Information –

Directed by –  J.C. Chandor.

Starring  – Robert Redford.

Soundtrack composed by – Alex Ebert

Year of release – 2013

Brief Outline – All Is Lost is about an old aged sailor who decides to sail the ocean in his own company. But everything starts to go against him. And he soon faces a struggle to survive.

Review – All Is Lost is very much the oceanic version of Gravity. It is Exhilarating, compelling, stimulating and more. Robert Redford along with the soundtrack of Alex Ebert supply the audience with a worthy 105 minutes of film. Robert Redford is the only cast member in the film but yet he manages to supply a great performance (Nominated for Best Actor – Golden Globes 2014) with very little lines of dialogue. Robert Redford’s performance manages to capture the audiences attention and entangle them emotionally. As for the film itself; it is a fantastic film. In my opinion it has been wrongly snubbed during the award season. All Is Lost should undoubtedly have been nominated for Best Picture even in the competition of a strong lineup of potential nominees. Robert Redford should also have been given more recognition for Best Actor (Only being nominated at The Golden Globes). And despite winning Best Original Score at The Golden Globes, Alex Ebert should have been nominated at The Oscars and Bafta’s. The film has a strong beginning. It starts off with a letter extract from ‘Our Man’ (We do not know Robert Redford’s character name) talking about his final days at sea. And you are unaware of whether he lives or dies. This sticks with you the whole film and you worry for him throughout. ‘His’ struggle starts in the most bizarre fashion. After about 5 minutes of gentle cruising at the beginning of the film, the small boat collides with a floating container. From hereon out, everyone goes from bad to worse for ‘him’. The film is combined of life threatening sequences and life or death decisions, and Life threatening problem solving/fixing. Each of the film’s catastrophes are very different to the last. And these sequences carry the film. The film does not feature a prologue to the story, flashbacks, or anyone else. So the tense action (if you will) sequences carry the film. You are as tense watching each situation. The sound is exceptional in All Is Lost. Because their is very little dialog, the audio is very important to what is going on and how you feel and react to the film. The soundtrack is great, it matches the situation but also gives you an incite into ‘his’ head. The audio for everything else is great. At times during the film your emotions really show. You may start leaning forward, chewing nails, take in a long breath, gaze eyes wide open. (I won’t tell you how I felt at the end, partially because that would be spoiling). The Cinematography is great. Their are some great shots. And an underwater camera is often used to offer the film something more. As well as long zooms, just to display where ‘he’ is (In the middle of the Ocean) Not to mention the use of focus pulling (‘Ay up’ Simon).

Verdict – 8.8/10. Fantastic. All Is Lost is an unnerving, emotion tangling, ride. All Is Lost is a ‘must see’. I cannot help but compare this to Gravity. Seeing as Gravity has been nominated for 10 Oscars and this only 1. I feel really angry at the Academy Awards. With All Is Lost, you have to see it to believe it.

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