‘American Hustle’ review (spoiler free)

American Hustle

Brief outline – American Hustle is a comedy drama about individuals and their love lives and how they are forced to work in collaboration of the FBI during the 1970’s. It is partly based on a true story. American Hustle is Directed by David O. Russell (The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook) and features and all star cast (Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner). American Hustle has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards featuring Best Picture, Best Director, and acting nominations across the board.

Review – I came into the cinema not knowing much about the film. I had decided to watch it because of the reviews, award season nominations and the cast. I came out of the cinema, in a very good mood. I had enjoyed the movie a lot more than I had anticipated. I had a great time watching the film. The film had been put into the best musical or comedy category at the Golden Globe Awards and although American Hustle is a funny film, I would not deem it as a comedy, but more of a drama. But it is still a very fun movie, (not to mention the  songs that feature in the film) even though it is about the FBI. The cast give all round performances that earned Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence academy award nominations. Their performances were crucial to the film because it is very much character driven. You feel for the characters. The story is a good one but it integrates the character’s in with the story very well as they are key to the plot. It is not a story that is hard to follow. One way of making the character’s really important to the film is by using a strong cast which they have done. But another interesting way in which they have done this is by using lots of close-ups. Their are many close-ups in the film, So the character’s are very much the driving force. This is so you can feel under their skin and feel the situation that they are in, because their is a wide variety of emotions that the character’s feel during the film. The film starts off with a particular scene, which features part way through the film, before it goes right back to the beginning, and you end up seeing the scene again later on. This is good because the introductory scene introduces you with the plot line and what is going on, but at the same time it gives you a good introduction to the character’s and how they are in strong connection with one another and what is is that they are being asked to do. The actual plot line/story itself is a good one. Irving (Bale) is married to Rosalyn (Lawrence) and he starts to endure a romantic relationship with Sydney (Adams), while she herself starts to find interest in Richie (Cooper). Ever since he was a child, Irving was very much a financial person. And during his present age, he runs an illegal business which Sydney soon finds out about. But Richie, who works for the FBI finds out as well and he offers them a choice. Go to jail or help the FBI put away 5 individual business men. This film is about how these five people work together to put away these 5 individual businessmen.

Verdict – 8.8/10. American Hustle is a brilliant film that is very fun to watch. The story is not one that is hard to follow. The cast give great performances. This is a great film and thoroughly deserves its academy award nominations.

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1 Response to ‘American Hustle’ review (spoiler free)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. If anything makes this movie nearly-perfect, it’s this cast. They’re all so fun, energetic and always able to do whatever it is that they can with whatever it is that Russell throws at them.

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