23 – Film studies write-ups (‘A Fistful of Dollars’ scene analysis)

A Fistful of Dollars

During this scene one of Joe’s (Clint Eastwood) colleague’s has been taken hostage by a group of people who he is fighting against. So he decides to go and help him out. This clip starts off with a long shot of some explosions. A large cloud of smoke/sand hovers in front of the long building, so you cannot see through the smoke. It then changes to some close-ups of the people nearby on the other side of the smoke (the side that you can see). At the same time as it does this, Clint Eastwood’s theme comes on. This sets the scene because the music stands for danger. So you know something bad is going to happen. The character’s take a closer look. The camera then gets a static close-up of the smoke. Then a small part of the smoke clears and you can see something on the other side. It then mostly disappear and you can clearly see that Clint Eastwood is on the other side. Although the smoke has not fully cleared so you cannot see him in good quality. Then the camera changes back to someone on the other side. And as he realizes who he is in the presence of, he turns around to the hostage. The camera then zooms in on the hostage. Then the camera changes sides again and from far out you can see Clint Eastwood standing their. But the shots that he has so far featured in, during this scene have been very particular because we have not actually seen his face yet. The camera then returns to the hostage. Then we get another two close-ups of the two ‘bad guys’ standing near the hostage. The camera then switches to the shop owner. The camera goes back to one of the ‘bag guys’ but this time he looks more nervous than previously before. The camera then returns to Clint Eastwood who is still static. the camera is in the same position as when the smoke was their, but it has now disappeared. The camera returns to one of the ‘bad guys’ but this time he starts to walk away. And so when the camera goes back to Clint Eastwood, he starts to walk forward. And in doing so, the music starts to change. It becomes more significant. Then the camera goes to one of the ‘bad guys’ and he starts to walk back as well. Then the camera goes back to Clint Eastwood who is still walking forward but his shoes are the last thing you see before it changes to a close-up of one of the bad guys shoes from the opposite angle from lower down. The feet move and are not static. Then it shows Clint Eastwood’s feet from the front but from a bit higher up. The camera then switches back to the previous shot and the bad guy starts walking forwards again. But this time you can see that their is a rifle in his right hand. And suddenly other people start walking behind him. They all walk forwards towards something and the they all turn round…

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