23 – Film studies write-ups (‘Beaten’)

For this video, we needed to make a ‘three way western without guns’. We applied the western theme to modern day and made a three way hostage situation. In this scene their were 2 bombers and one hostage. This kept the ‘three way’ but moved away from westerns. It was three way in terms of how we shot it. Especially towards the end. We filmed at the back carp park to the main College site. The weather on the day was not good. It was wet, muddy and rainy. In order to be able to follow the 180* rule, we had to film straight onwards, from the middle of the car park and not the sides. We used several props to make the film look more realistic. We used fake blood, tape to be placed over the mouth and we used a bag to place over the head. The dialog was partially scripted and partially improvised. We had written a brief script and decided that once we were filming/acting we would improvise and go off on that very brief dialog. About half of the film was recorded with the Tascam and the other half off the camera. We experienced Tascam difficulties. So the second half of the film was recorded on the camera which wasn’t too much of an issue until it started raining. We used an umbrella to protect the equipment from getting wet, but in doing so, a lot of the audio at the end of the video was rain and it was hard to hear dialog. We used a ‘shellshock’ type noise at the beginning when James is getting beaten up. But before we did that, we took away the video and just used the audio of him getting beaten up. This is effective because it places the viewers in a position of discomfort and uncertainty before the visuals are even apparent. We found several possible soundtracks for the video but ended up using the one that we had all agree on. We only started using it part way through the video.

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