23 – Film Studies write-ups (Film Noir)

In the group of myself, Tasha, Harry, Zia and both James’, we made a short film Noir video. Firstly we came up with a shotlist, storyboard for he video. The storyboard displays where we wanted the actors to be placed and how we would use the lights for shadowing in correspondence with the characters. We made this with a brief idea of the possible locations that we could use. We then went out and had a proper look at the locations for filming. We had made it clear that we wanted to use a set of stairs to film the first sequence on. We would have one of the actors on a higher level of stairs than the other. One of the actors would be portraying someone who is nervous because they are suspicious of being stalked. The other actor would then portray the stalker. Tasha was the nervous woman and Harry was the stalker. We changed the clothing round a bit to personify their character. harry wore long dark clothes and Tasha wore a light dark blue jacket. We had the tripod on the highest on near highest level. It was placed close to the bannister at the top flight of stairs. this was so we could get both people in shot. Tasha them would be on the middle flight of stairs and Harry would be on the bottom flight of stairs. Tasha would look down and not see anyone, and then Harry would peer upwards. We had to work hard with the lighting because we had displayed the lighting in the storyboard and we wanted to emulate during filming. We used a lot of close-ups during this sequence. We focused primarily on Tasha. The first shot is the shot which we had planned as the first shot on the storyboard, which was from the top of the stairs. We got a close-up of her feet walking up the stairs. This was filmed on the Fig-Rig. Then the next shot is of Tasha peering down the stairs. The left side of the wall next to her, is all dark. However the right side is not because, the stairs had windows at the end of each floor way. We had taken the tripod light and the small handheld light with us and we experimented with them before filming each shot. Sometimes we did not use either light. After this shot, we reverted to the first shot, but this time, Tasha was staring down and you can see Harry’s feet at the lower level of stairs. Then we got a close-up of Harry’s arm as he follows Tasha up the stairs. Very quickly followed by Harry’s feet as he follows Tasha up the stairs. Despite these taking place on the high levels of stairs. We filmed them on the very bottom floor. This meant that it was easier to use the tripod when needing to do so. As well as being easier to film based on space. The next shot is of Tasha walking through a door. I am not to sure if this was the door that corresponded to the stairs that we filmed on. Then we see her shadow in the next shot. You know that it is her shadow because, the next shot is of Harry walking through the same doors, but from a different angle. The next shot is off Harry waving his hand along the wall. Their is just one line of light in this shot. The camera uses a deep depth of field here. It then stays with Harry but goes to his feet. The next shot was filmed somewhere we hadn’t planned to use in the storyboard. Along the corridor, all of the walls are dark, as well as whoever is walking along them, besides from a few areas of light, other than the door. The next shot follows the lights on the roof of the corridor, before going down to see just Harry. The film was was turned black and white afterwards. The music that features is a soundtrack from the Noir game ‘L.A. Noir’.

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