25 – Your genre film (Gangster character profile)

Dominant Male Lead – Marco Lloyd

-Lead Philosophical and religious teachings – Prays before meals

-Founder of ‘society’


– Suited


– Complementary


– Raised by an Irish family from birth

– Raised in Chicago

– Few relatives

– Dark moments from his past that he doesn’t discuss

Dominant Female Presence – Chanel/Irene/Annie

-Wife of Protagonist

-Remains silent

-Supportive and seductive (has no effect on Protagonist)

– Blows kisses and winks

– Put up as a stake on the card game


Victim Male Lead – Tony

– Cocky, deceptive

– Quick and Smart

– Weak

– Photo of wife in wallet – Seeks attention


– Suited (‘no-one touches the suit’) – Cocky


– Repeatedly mentions his city of origin (misses home) – Weak


– Has his own alcohol flask (‘Alcohol rich from the home of Philadelphia’) – Cocky


Head of Posse (gang) – Frank

– Loyal

– Translates or clarifies the Protagonist

– Never looks at female, although she shows indication of flirtatious nature towards him

– Indicates things through head movements and hand gestures


– Rewords things that Tony doesn’t understand

Posse (gang) member one – Jesse

– Carries Knuckle Dusters as he is more of a ‘bodyguard’


-Wears a cap instead of a hat


Posse (gang) member two – Robert (Joe)

– Carries a hand come around with him, so he can come his (wet) hair often


– Kisses his ring often


– Has a pocket watch


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