‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ review (spoiler free)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Information –

Directed by – Ben Stiller

Starring – Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig

Soundtrack composed by – Theodore Shapiro and various artists

Year of Release  – 2013

Brief Outline – Walter Mitty is an average man who is undergoing a difficult transition at work and has his eyes on a work colleague. But after a series of events, he travels round the world in pursuit of someone and something and in doing so, engages in many great joys and spectacles.

Review – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a fun(ny) romantic, feel good movie. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a mixture of genres, it is an indie, romance and in general a feel good film. Right from the start of the film, Walter is a person that you can relate to. Walter is trying to stay on top of his finance, in a romantic pursuit of someone, ‘zones out’ in his head. The film starts off with Walter working on his finance, shortly before attempting to use a dating website. These introductory scenes show that their is comedy involved in the film. Walter works at ‘Life Magazine’ and after 16 years of working there, Life magazine is releasing it’s final issue. This is because their is a transition going on that will result in Life Magazine becoming Life Online. And in this transition many of the workers at Life Magazine will be losing their job. And Walter’s job during this transition is to supply the final photograph to be put on the cover of Life Magazine, seeing as Walter works in the negative development department. After a series of events Walter ends up visiting Greenland and Iceland. The film entertains right from the start. The film uses subtle but effective comedy quite often during the film and carries it on until the end. Their is not a major plot/story to follow in the film. it is easy to follow as it is very much a film that follows the term ‘Seeing is believing’. Once Walter arrives in Greenland/Iceland, it is more of a personal story for Walter whilst it is more of a fun (rather than comical) story for the viewers. You can see how much this journey and this whole duration means to Walter in many different aspects. In the sense that he is perusing something to keep alive his hopes of retaining his job. And you can also see how he has changed and how much fun he is having whilst doing so. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty uses lots of songs to supply and add to the mood.

Verdict 7.8 – Whilst I really enjoyed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I would personally have extended the duration/run time of the film. The film is about 1 hour 55 minutes, but you feel that more of the ‘spectacles’ could have been included into the film. What is already their is great, but their was definitely room for more. I would feel that the film would have been better paced, if their were more activities while abroad. This is because Walter leaves for Greenland, so suddenly, and while it takes up a fair amount of the film, he only spends a short duration abroad. But overall the film is fun to watch and more than entertains for the duration.

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