25 – Your genre film (Gangster genre film progression)

We have sorted out several props that we will be using during the filming. I will be bringing in 3 hats, some beer glasses, a flask, some cards, and perhaps a suitcase. Callum will be bringing in some carving knifes (I believe, we may need to work our way around that one), a purple cloth to place over the table, a canvas to place in front of the radiator. Ben may have to some props of his own to bring in as well. We are only filming in one room; the waiting room next to our room at the main college site. So this means that we will have one day of filming. The date we are using the room is on Friday the 7th March 2014 and we will be shooting between 11am and 2pm. The room is free only on Monday’s and Friday’s. We have already sorted out actors, we currently have around 6 actors. The script is heavily dialog driven and features no action. This means that the lighting will be crucial to our plans.

But we may need to tweek a few things:-

.We may decide to cut down on the amount of actors that we currently have. Given the space of the room that we will be filming in and the significance of characters. Several of the character’s are very important, but others are not so, seeing as they do not have dialog and are not too important in the development of the story and the script.

.We may have to find someone to fill in for Aaron, seeing as he hasn’t been in recently and he cannot gamble on him turning up. Another thing we might do, if he does not turn up, is just have the three of us filming – Myself, Callum and Ben. Callum will be Director and assistant cameraman. Ben will be main cameraman. I will be lighting and Sound. I will set up the lighting beforehand, so my hands are free for the sound equipment.

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