25 – Your genre film (‘He Who Tends The Fig Tree’ filming day reflection)

On Friday 7th we filmed the gangster film based on Callum’s script ‘He Who Tends The Fig Tree’. Our group was originally four, made up of myself, Callum, Ben Harvey and Aaron. Ben Greene then filled in for Aaron. However come the day of filming, he was unable to fill in for Aaron. This left us with just the three crew/group members (temporarily) Ben Harvey did not turn up until ten minutes before our shoot was scheduled to begin. This meant that myself and Callum had to set up the room. The room was mostly set up already because we had set up the day before. What we did beforehand on the Friday was sort out the lighting. The previous day, we had Callum’s light on alone. This caused problems. We then found this out once we viewed the pictures we had taken of the room. So on the Friday, we had both Callum’s light and the room lamp light on. We turned off the main lights, the lights to the room’s next door, and we blocked out the windows and the light coming through it, using paper. The room was set up with one sofa, and about four chairs. We used many props; several bottles (of different variations) , a whiskey bottle, a flask, a poker set (with cards), hats, suits and dresses. We put the two tables together into a rectangular shape and covered it with a dark green cloth. We had problems with things on the wall being visible, so we had to either move them or cover them up. We moved the fire extinguisher (we kept it in the room, obviously, just in a place that it was not visible to the camera). We then needed to cover up the sign for the fire extinguisher, which we did by moving chair near it and placing a hat on the top of the chair. We also needed to cover up the radiator, which we did by using another cloth (a red one this time). As well as this, we took the pictures off the wall, and moved the leaflets away. We had four actors/actresses working with us. They played ‘Marco’, ‘Tony’, ‘Vas’ and ‘Annie’. We originally had five actors/actresses working with us but the actor playing ‘Marco’ had to drop out. Because of this, one of the actors who was set to play ‘Guiseppe’, ended up acting as Marco (the lead character) and Callum in turn, played ‘Guiseppe’. This was a slight problem because Callum did not have old fashioned clothes with him, because he had to offer them to one of the other actors, and so he looked out of place. However on the plus side, this meant that we had five character’s. And later on JP helped us out with both camera work and by playing ‘Jess’. We originally had seven character’s in the script; ‘Marco’, ‘Tony’, ‘Annie’, ‘Vas’, ‘Lance’, ‘Guiseppe’ and ‘Jess’ (although ‘Jess’ was additionally added, so we technically had six character’s). The footage came out a bit dark and grainy, so we will need to make those better, via ‘Premiere Pro’. The filming went really well. The angles for the camera work weren’t too hard. Nor were the positions I had to place myself and the Tascam in. Their was a good connection between the actors and the crew. The schedule to shoot was between 11 and 2. We started a little later than 11 though. This meant that we had to speed up the shoot towards the end, so we cut a little off the script. But I still think that the video (scene not trailer) could potentially be about/over three minutes. The actors/actresses were great and very helpful.

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