15 – Multi camera pre-production (Elbow live in Kendal pre-production re-draft)

Elbow live Kendal concert pre-production

Creative and Practical approach – I want to make the audience as involved in the gig as much as possible. I can do this by using things like projections and illuminations. I can also do this by putting up flags to decorate and make the location more attractive. I can use all of these things because I want to choose an outdoor location. One because it is cheap. And two because their can be a larger audience. By doing this it means that it is more of a gig than a private performance. As well as this using a outdoor venue, means that their is likely to be less health and safety hazards, considering it is not is a confined space. However, one thing to note is that using outdoors will mean stewards and the possibility of injuries sustained by being in to close contact with others. Furthermore, outdoors will mean a larger audience which matches my filming criteria because I want to feature the audience in multiple camera angles.

Health and Safety risk assessment – Risk Assessment Elbow

Shot list and Mood board – Elbow Shot List and Mood Board

Kit List – Kit List

Crew List with defined roles – Crew List with defined roles

Finance (Detailed Budget) – Elbow Finance

Storyboard – Storyboard

Floor Plan – Floor Plan

Music and TV industry – Music and TV industry


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