25 – Your genre film (My roles in ‘He Who Tends The Fig Tree’)

Shot List – I helped Callum come up with the shot list for the film. This started as a storyboard, but we then decided to just write it out instead. The words included to describe the shot, were the shot size (MW), the character  (Vas), and the action and/or dialog.

Props – I gathered some props that we used in the film. I brought in three old styled beer bottles, a flask and four hats.

Room – I help set up the room, to be used for filming. This included the look (to go with the theme), spacing (making space for the room), removing new looking things such as photographs, lighting, positioning of equipment. We set-up the room the day before filming.

Sound recordings – I recorded the dialog and audio on the Tascam.

Music – I looked for music to use in the video. The music which I looked for, was inspired by ‘Boardwalk Empire’. I looked for music that was not too jazzy and was more on the instrumental side. I had to look on Sound Cloud in order for the music to be legal because you can be granted permissions to use the video, from the artist who posted the video. In the end, it was Callum or Ben who found the final piece of music which we used in the video. It was only used in the first half of the video, in order to increase the tension, and work with the close-ups.

Marketing – The Prezi was based solely on the Marketing side of ‘He Who Tends The Fig Tree’. Their were several steps to the Prezi. I firstly made the Prezi on my own. This consisted of about ten slides. I then showed it to Callum and Ben. We decided to change a few of the marketing strategies. Once I changed them, I added more slides. Research was important in terms of the release date and the predicted sales. The predicted sales was linked in to the venues of release. We decided to release the film at both major and independent. So in order to work out the predicted sales I had to look at opening weekend sales for films at major cinema’s.

Editing – I did editing work towards the end of the final video. Callum and Ben were more comfortable editing than me, so I did work in other ways. The editing work that I did, was mainly linking the Tascam audio. I also connected up the clips and made it neat.

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