28 – Music video pre-production (‘Dreaming’ – Sun Giant)

The song which I am going to use for my music video is called ‘Dreaming’. The song is by ‘Sun Giant’, who are a local Lancaster Band who describe themselves as a ‘Psych Grunge Band’.

I got in contact with them through a friend of mine. My brother’s friend is in the band and lives on the same street as us. So I see him often as he visits regularly. I first asked him, if I could have a CD with some of the songs on their. He said that was fine, but instead said that the songs were on Sound Cloud for me to download instead. I then emailed one of the other band members just to make sure that it was ok, and he too said that it was fine.

I plan to make a Narrative video because it would be hard to meet up with the band, considering that they are continuing with their ongoing academic studies and one of which of them is studying in Scotland.

Their were eleven of their songs on Sound Cloud (three of which were live versions of some of the other songs). I picked ‘Dreaming’ for several reasons:-

.It was an appropriate length of 2:54. This makes the filming a lot easier on me because it means that I will have less filming and less editing to do, which means that I can take more time, with the planning of the film.

.It is easier to hear the lyrics above the music in this song.

.The guitar is very simplistic but very effective. It sounds similar to the Arctic Monkeys.

.The storyline of the song is quiet easy to understand.

.I want to heavily link the story in with the title.

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