28 – Music video pre-production (emailing the band)

This is my email to the band asking for confirmation that I could use their song.

Hi Tom

I am emailing you in order to ask if I would be able to make a music video for one of your songs.
I spoke to Niall over the holiday, asking him if I could use one of your songs in order to make a music video. He seemed open to the idea and said that it was fine to do so, but I just wanted to confirm it with you first, just to make sure.
The song which I would like to make a music video for is ‘Dreaming’. I would be filming this over the next few months in the hope of having it finished around late June.
I am hoping to make a narrative music video, meaning that it would contain local actors and it wouldn’t need to contain footage of the band in it.
If however you would like to feature in the video then, we may be able to work something around academic studies, travel, etc.

Thank you for co-operation

Archie Bean

This is his response

Hi man,

Yes, Niall did mention something along the lines that you need a few tracks for a project you were doing. My apologies for being late on replying to that from Niall, been really busy! But this sounds great, and of course you can use our track. I’ll attach “Dreaming” to this email for you to use.
I wish you all the best for filming. I’m actually doing Film Production at Uni come September so if you need a hand with anything give me a shout, myself, Niall and Liam actually all did A Level Media so if you need any advice or anything feel free to ask dude.
Thanks for using our music, very kind of you! Looking forward to seeing the finished film.
Good luck man!
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