28 – Music video pre-production (Time-Lapse)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUFTVRRPH1E&w=640&h=480

Their is a certain part of the song, where I would like to place a time-lapse, which would last about 12 seconds. The time-lapse would be by the side of a road. On the road their would be cars going along. And on the pavements their may be people walking past. On on side of the road, Jack will be facing Rose, who will be on the other side of the road. They will both be standing up. This will be during the day. The camera would be behind Jack, so you can see Rose’s face. Originally I did not want to show Rose’s face until the end of the video, but I changed my mind while filming, because it was more practical and easier to film. This was also because I had decided to give give Rose different outfits to where; to represent both reality and imagination. So I didn’t need to use both the clothes and Rose’s face to represent reality and imagination, but instead just one of them.

Because it would be be very time consuming to film a time-lapse, I decided that it would be better to simply film what would be the time-lapse, for a few minutes and then I could just select a certain part of that footage and change the speed-duration, so that it played faster, and it would have the same effect as a time-lapse.

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