28 – Music video pre-production (Advertising/Casting)

For my music video, I needed 2 females and one male from the Lancaster/Morecambe region and they did not need acting experience. The first place in which I would look for actors was on the ‘Lancaster Filmmakers co-op’ page on Facebook.


Their are many members of the Lancaster Filmmakers co-op, so I imagined that I would get responses. Two people responded to my post, one of which was one of my classmates telling me to get into contact with someone they knew.


I firstly spoke to a female respondent who contacted me via FB chat. She said that she was on the verge of finishing her exams and had some free time coming up (The week after I posted onto FB, was a half-term) She said that she would be available to film.

HiHelp Out

She also passed on the names of two other girls (one of which was one of the respondents to my casting call) that she knew who would be up for acting in the video.


One of the two girls that she was going to pass the information onto was one of the respondents to my casting call.

Age bracket

The girl that I had been passed onto (that wasn’t the respondent to my casting call) said that she was free, but said that she wanted the other girl(who responded to my casting call) to help me, because she had spoken to her and she wanted more experience.

Would have

So I responded to the girl who had responded to my casting call and said that I was still in need of one more actress.


I then spoke to her and she also said that she too was coming up to the end of her exams.

Just checkingFree

So I had both of the actresses sorted out, and then spoke to the actor that I was told to talk to. I left him a message on his wall, asking if he was available to film, which he later responded to saying that he was. I then spoke to him about it.

Looking for helpYeahDates

Once I had spoken to all three actors, I created a chat group called ‘Lancaster Music Video Group’ where I could talk to all of the actors together, and work out dates for filming.

Group chat

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