28 – Music Video Pre-production (Clothing/Style)

I had asked the actors for them to wear a specific type and colour of clothing for the music video. This is because I wanted the colour of their clothes to reflect their feelings.

Jack’s character wore a purple trench coat along with some dark jeans and dark shoes. This is because I wanted him to wear something similar to a coat, so that you would get the feeling that he was feeling cold. Almost as if he was feeling ‘the blues’. He would be feeling cold because he would be feeling lonely

I wanted Rose to have multiple clothing. Their would be two different versions of Rose in the video. One wear she is a figment of Jack’s imagination, and one wear she was their in person. For the fictional Rose, I wanted her to wear something dark, so that as a viewer you could tell that this wasn’t actually Rose in person, because the colour does not reflect her personality. For the real Rose, I wanted her to wear something with lots of colour and personality. So she wore an orange dress type outfit. So that a a viewer you could tell that this was the real Rose, because the colour reflects her personality. The reason why I decided to give Rose that name was because I wanted to use a name of multiple purposes. Rose is meant to be a woman of beauty and often associated with beauty is flowers. Their are several flowers which have names which are also used for humans; such as Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Lilly, etc. So I wanted to give her a flower name. I chose Rose because of the colour. It is red, so it is bright and colourful because it has personality. Which is what Rose is.

For Kate, I wanted her to wear something darker, in comparison to Rose’s clothing. So she wore a dark set of clothing. The video is not saying that Kate is a dark and mean person, but she is wearing dark because the video is being told through his perspective.

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