28 – Music Video Pre-production (Shot List)

Dreaming Shot List

This is a very detailed shot list for the music video.

The shot List has several sections to it:-

.Shot Number – The number in which the shot will take place along the timeline of the film.

.Scene Number – The scene in which this shot takes place.

.Location – The location at which this shot will be filmed at.

.Point of timeline – The point at which the shot will be placed along the timeline.

.Shot size/angle – At which angle and size, I will be shooting from.

.Shot duration – For how long the shot will last, once cropped and placed onto the timeline.

.Description of shot (people,time of day,etc) – Who is participated in this shot and what actions are occurring.

.Props – Which props are being used in this scene.

.Lyrics – To which lyrics the shot will be played with.

I took the shot list along with me, so that I could have a stronger mind for what I needed to shoot, as well as for how long they needed shooting (obviously shot for longer than the duration of the video that I needed), and at what angle. The shot list is also crucial for editing because it means that I know where I want to place each shot at which part of the song, to which lyrics and for what duration.

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