28 – Music Video Pre-production (Locations)

Time-lapse location 1 Time-lapse location 2

These two pictures display the outdoor location which I used for the 4th section of the song. This location was primarily chosen for the ‘time-lapse’ type shot that I wanted to shoot. In this scene, the character Jack would imagine seeing Rose across the road. So I needed to pick a location that was next to a busy road, and that it also had a large enough pathway for the two actors to stand on. Jack stood on the left side of the road (if looking at the left image) and Rose stood on the other side. I shot this with the camera on the tripod. The camera was framed so that you could see both Jack and Rose in the same shot. The camera was behind Jack by a few yards. I held the shot for about 2 minutes.

Shooting outdoor location

This second location is virtually next to the previous location, about 5 minutes walk away. This location is on a small hill with a public footpath running through the middle, which we were filming on, so it was fairly busy. We were using this location for the 3rd section of the video. In this section, Jack gets dumped by Kate. This section was filmed on the second (and last) day of shooting whereas section 4, containing the other outdoor locations, was filmed on the first day of shooting. Fortunately however the weather was very similar on both days, so in terms of continuity, it should be fine. I needed to film from many different angles, so the lighting was notably different on one particular shot, because it was under the shade of the tree, whereas all of the other shots were a lot brighter and clearer. This 3rd section of the song was describes as being near the high street, which it is fairly close to, but because this was the location that I had in mind, I didn’t want to change my mind just before going to that location and end up wasting a lot of time, choosing a new location and going over their.

We used two houses for the three indoor locations. Towards the end of the first day of shooting we used Rose’s actresses house for both section 2; which was in a bathroom, and section 5 which was in her living room. It was quite hard to shoot in the bathroom because of how small the space was. The camera would be pointing towards the actors face at less than a yard away. Then when I had the camera positioned at a better position for a different shoot, but their were three of us in the small space at once. Shooting in the living room was good. I only really experienced about one problem, which was that, the colour of the outdoors would change as I would move closer. So I had to shoot at a different angle until it was no longer a problem. Then on the second day of shooting, we used my own house, in particular the living room for shooting the 1st section. This space was good for using as it was fairly spacious and it didn’t need anything moving around. I needed to be able to see the lobby and the front house door, from the living room, which I could do, for a particular shot.


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