23 – Film Studies write-ups (‘No Country For Old Men’ Foley Work)

For this clip, we stripped all of the audio and replaced it with audio that we had either found or made ourselves. We took it in terns, for editing. I had a USB pen drive, meaning that I could find and download sound effects whilst the others edited the video. We tryed to work chronologically and not jump around the place. One part of the scene which we edited was where Josh Brolin moves his lips, but yet doesn’t actually say anything. For this we got Henry to record himself before changing the tone of his voice and adding it on where Josh Brolin’s mouth opens. Another strange part of the scene was where Josh Brolin says something, however you are unable to see his mouth as he speaks because it is behind his arm and gun. The wind was needed all the way through the video. We recorded about 3 pieces of audio using the Tascam. We used some of the recordings but chose to use other audio for some. The hardest part of the video was to synchronize the footsteps with the audio. We had several different versions of footsteps such as sand and grass (which were online downloaded).

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