17 – Critical analysis of your final caving film

I am pleased with the music that I have chosen for the video. I am also pleased that I chose to start off seriously with claustrophobic clips. This is because it draws the viewer in because they do not know, what the video is about and they would like to know. As well as this, it is something that quiet allot of people can relate to. I originally just wanted to start off differently to the traditional way that the rest of the group was starting off with. I think that it was a good choice and that it worked well for my video. So when the video starts, the people that are seen in the video, seem more than just ‘an advert person’ This is because people are able to say, ‘They are brave’ or ‘i would never be able to do that’ and so in a way they seem more respectable. You can clearly see, when the video starts that the people in the film are going caving because of the clothes that they are wearing. I had to zoom in on one of the videos because a microphone was in shot. The video is in a sequence that goes from the cavers walking outside, to going down the caves from both in and out of the cave, and what they do in the cave before they come out. Originally I did not have it in a sequence and I would just change the types of shots round (Surface, Cave, Go-pro) but I think by using the videos in a sequence, it feels like more of a journey. I used several Go-Pro videos and several Surface video. The surface videos were extra wide shots, displaying the caves location, by showing the mountains nearby. I have slightly edited the colour on the surface shots using the three way colour corrector. The video is about 1:30, which is a good length because it is not too long, and it is not too short. I edited the end of the video so that the music fades out. The video ends with one panning shot that starts off by displaying a bush and then the camera moves up the bushes arm and looks at the sky before the KC logo appears. I did not want to end the video so suddenly by putting in the logo, so I thought that I could use one clip that could both continue the caving journey and end by letting me use the Logo. I did not want to use the interview in this film because it distracts away from all of the activities that the cavers are doing and because of the music, you get the feeling that it was a fun experience. I wasn’t too pleased with the responses of the cavers as they were at times hesitant and out of screen.  The use of an interview would have slowed don the pace of the movie. Which may distract the viewers. I am really pleased with the final product, I think that the music is nice and is not distracting, the serious start makes the viewers want to watch more and relate to the video, the sequencing of clips is to present the video as a journey. I think that the video puts across a message that says that caving is fun and that although it is a dark, cramped space, it is what you get out of the caving that matters. It is worth it. While not forgetting that the video is about Kendal College.

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