21 – The experience of planning, shooting and cutting your 48 hour film

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7GnzF1Cg8kA Trip Through Time

The starting point for this short film was that we needed ideas and locations. After a few unsuccessful ideas, we settled on a brief idea for the film. I suggested that we make a film about time travel. I got this idea because I am reading ‘Cloud Atlas’. We then needed to discuss how the character traveled through time. We opted not to go for a time machine. It was then chosen that the time traveler would be a regular guy from the present day who took some drugs and time traveled only in his mind, so pretty dreamed it all. Another idea for the time travel was that the time traveler cold get hit on the head and time travel. An idea which we the transferred into the drugged mind and how the time traveler would travel through time more than once. We had already decided that we wanted to use several different years and not just one. We discusses a few and we all liked the idea of Medieval. I then suggested America 1960’s so something political, but we then changed it to 70’s cops. My final suggestion was the future, and it would be about poverty, and despite having a location in mind we thought it would be to hard with the costumes. So the location for the present and the medieval would in the park. And the location for the cops would be on streets near houses. The res of the group said I could act as the time traveler seeing as I came up with the idea. We would wear normal clothes for the present day. That went quiet well. We started it at about 11:00 and we had about 5 different shots. Positioning the dead cat was the main problem because it was high up and windy. So we ended up positioning it behind the boat. The leading shots of me walking from the playground to the hill were annoying because they didn’t work. I walked onto grass and the next shot was of me walking on gravel. But we did get a nice close up of the feet. Once I was on the hill, the shots were really good. There was a simple shot of me taking the drug and also some unused shots of me standing still, which we would have sped up. But once I started falling down, the sequence was well filmed, There were two different types of shots of me falling down from first person and as well as this there were several medium close ups of me falling and a medium wide shot of me punching the air, showing the effect of the drugs. We faded out my eye on Premiere to make it look like as if I had shut it. Then I woke up displaying a close up on the camera of my face before the camera went behind me and showed my whole body lying down. Then it showed Ben walking up the stairs from another angle but the conversation lasted too long so we made a jump cut to one of the previous shots of us filming the same conversation, but at a different time. The cut ends with me at the top of the area, but the next shot is of me part way down, so we added one of the shots of my self conscience. I believe we also used one when I was falling down after taking the drugs. Once I get to the bottom of the hill I get pushed over, using two shots, so we sped it up to make it more realistic. After that Another self conscience shot comes in. I then wake up in a car park. We needed to re-shoot most of the shots as it went dark as we were there at about 4:00. I wake up and walk off before Danny and Ben meet up with two shots, turning into one as they talk. The stairs sequence has some good shots. I walk up twice, once my feet are filmed from below and once my body from above and the same with Danny. We use my feet for half the stairs and the body for the 2nd half, and the same with Danny. And once I get up the stairs, my face is in shock as I see Danny. It is a great shot of Danny, looking at the camera from straight on, pointing the camera towards its, with a shallows depth of field, focusing only on the gun fully. There are about 5 shots of me being shot at and being dead. We also added some sound effects. Also Danny needed to record his voice on the mac and use it in the film. Once I hit the floor dead, we used several more of my self conscious shots. Danny then recorded his voice telling me to wake up and we placed it over the self conscious shots. I then woke up. I believe this was just one shot. After this, we used some shots of me waking up at the same location and chucking away the ‘scrote’. On Premiere Pro, I firstly categorized everything, by using colours to indicate which location and time period the scenes were of. I also named everything. I had to separate the video footage and the tascam footage. Once this was done, we made a brief timeline and put everything in place. Once this had been done, we added the tascam audio, but we did not use it on every clip, due to time. Time also limited us to other things such as adding effects. We added a filtered title before the film and added the name of the group who had made the film; ‘The Lancaster Lions’. We shortened down a lot of the clips of the taking ‘scrote’ sequence and made it both first person and third person. We added a fading filter to the part where I fall down and close my eyes. We also added some songs in the video as well. We had to find the songs off sound cloud. The main issue was timing. We only had one person working on the mac at a time.

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