3 – Using the V1’s – what are they like as a camera?

=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGvXbOdecyI – V1 Video

The Pro’s

The V1 has more than one record button for record and zoom. This means that you can get a better grip on the camera and thus making it easier to film for yourself.

The V1 has a built in microphone, meaning it can better quality sound than camera’s without it and also it means that you don’t always need to bring along a separate boom pole.

The V1 has a hand grip, this doesn’t really need to be explained because it does what it’s called… it’s gives your hand a better grip on the camera, so you can be at ease when filming.

The V1 has multiple screens to view when filming. You can open the screen on the left side of the camera and look at it or you can look down the eye screen on the top of the camera.

The V1 has a built in dust cap, which means that for all the clumsy  ones out their, they won’t end up losing the dust cap.

The case for the V1 camera has proper cushioning for the camera. It is made out of soft material that won’t damage the camera, and the material has been shaped so that the camera can fit right into the box, without having to shove it in.

The Con’s

The V1 camera is not very practical to use (especially on your own) because it is heavy. During the Kendal College music gig that I filmed, I needed to at point film handheld. This was for a full set (so around 20 minutes), but it really hurt my shoulder and it was difficult to do that for much longer than a few minutes unless standing up, which still hurt also.

Although I had previously said that the built in microphone was a good thing (which it is), it can also be a bad thing. Because the microphone is stronger and can pick up more, it can also pick up background sounds and noises that you don’t want to be heard.

The V1 camera can not be handheld well. It is best to use it with a tripod and not without one. The footage will be quite shaky if it is filmed handheld.

The V1 camera can need more than one person to be filmed on, so their is no guarantee that you will take the V1 out on your own and be able to film (or film well at least). This is because of the heaviness of it.

The V1 isn’t as sharp as a DSLR. So the quality that you get out won’t be top notch. If you are not too fussed about it then it is not much of a problem, but if you want the footage to look really good, then you would be best off using another camera. This is the same for the depth of the lens. Other DSLR’s can get better zooming, because the lens can be changed whereas on this camera, the lens cannot be changed over.

Some of the settings on the V1 are not as easy to manipulate and maneuver as possible. This means that you need to make sure everything is set the day before (as it normally would be, but doubly so with the V1), otherwise it will take a while to sort of all the settings.

The V1 case is heavy, so even if you are not filming, but you need to carry the camera round, you won’t be pleased having to carry the V1 camera round.

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