11 – Preparing your rushes

Before you start editing, you need to log your rushes, This makes everything allot easier when editing. One way in which you can organize your footage is to name them. But you don’t simply name them and do that for all of them. You give them a short name such as ‘Lucy turns away’ so the name involves the name of the person(s) in the shot. Then you also put what angle it was taken from such as left of Lucy and what shot size, such as Close Up. And if it is unusable, name it something like ‘not of use’. Another way in which you can categorize your footage is to colour code them. Their are a variety of colours to choose from. You can sort them out into what sections of the film they are from (which is what I do mostly) or you can categorize them your own different way. Thirdly you can then drop the footage into bins, so you can find the specific footage allot easier as it s separated from the other footage.

The original footage will look something like this…Screen-Shot-2014-02-09-at-10.42.18-AM

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