12 – Researching and importing music

When you are adding music to a video that you are making, you often need to find a piece of music (or several pieces of music) that are legitimate for you to use. This means that you can’t simply find a  song on ‘Youtube’ and then use a Youtube converter. You will often instead use websites like ‘Sound Cloud’. On Sound Cloud you have the option to search for music that is ‘free to download’, this doesn’t mean that you can copy the song and put it into a music converter, but it means that the music has been made free to download by the person who made and published the music. This is why we can’t use music that has been made and published by famous artists, because they are hoping to earn money from these songs, so by downloading the songs for free, you wouldn’t be giving these artists what they want, which is why we can’t download them. But with a free to download song off a website like Sound Cloud, the music has been made free to download because the artist that has made and published the song , is not famous and is not particularly looking to earn money from the songs that he/she produces.

Once the song has been downloaded, it can be imported onto ‘Premiere Pro’. Then you now have the freedom to edit that song as you wish. This may be cropping the song, removing certain parts of the song, or other various editing techniques.

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